Snowed in

                                              Winter Coat: Lenny Levine at Macy's
                                                            Infinity Scar: H&M
                                                   Crossbody purse: B.Makowsky
                                                            Rain boots: Hunter

You would think living in Chicago all my life that I'm used to this weather. The blizzard, negative temperatures, and foot of snow would never phased me. Wrong. Winter gets me every time.  Is it summer yet?! Nevertheless, I can't imagine living in a place that does not have four different seasons. I would for sure run out of outfits to come up with if there was no season change!

In spirit of the cold weather, here's an outfit that will keep you cozy while on the go! Lately, I'm obsessing over ankle zipped leggings.

Cozy winter wear on the go
Sweater: Debenhams
Chambray: Vero Moda
Ankle Zipped Leggings: ModCloth
Purse: Rebecca Minkoff
Necklace: Buckle


Feet cold from all that snow? How about some some cute boots to warm them up :)

You're snowed in too and can't get to the gym?! Here's a quick workout that will definitely work up a sweat in less than 15 minutes at home! 

25 squats / 5 pushups
20 squats / 10 pushups
15 squats / 15 pushups
10 squats / 20 pushups
 5 squats / 25 pushups

I hope you don't hate me after this! But trust me, after this winter madness you will love your booty and well defined arms when it hits summertime!


xo RD

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