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Now that Tre and I are living together, there has been a lot of re-organizing, re-arranging, and re-decorating. We want our home to exemplify "our space" versus "his space and I"m just living in it". In this process, we both have compromised and learned what we really want. We also learned that we both have held onto some things for no reason for a long time and took up space. Although this process was overwhelming and stressful, I'm very excited that we are building a life together and this house will embody that.

We have a lot of the major furniture. Which is good because it is saving us a lot of money haha! However, there are some furniture & decor pieces that needed some updating. For instance, we need a  new dining table, a new bedroom set, and no doubt a full length mirror! I don't understand how boys can live without full length mirrors! We're still trying to figure out a lot of those things since we both have different taste on how each of those items should be. Anthropologie, West Elm, and World Market have been our main sources for inspiration. We have agreed on a lot of things from there (aka time to save some money for them!!).  We've agreed on the dining table, full length mirror, night table, table napkins, pillows, and rug.   I love the mixture of rustic & white wood and a touch of floral and gold! Unfortunately, we have not found a bedroom set we love. That's a big purchase so we definitely want to take our time.

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  1. My husband and I are in the same place also! So much to update and it is definitely a task trying to make it liveable for both of us! Love the pieces you have chosen. - Stephanie

    1. It totally is! Definitely a lot of compromising!

  2. Love your picks! It so hard meshing together two lives and homes into one new place, but so worth it once you get settled. Can't wait to see more updates on your home together.

    xo, Mandy
    Saguaros & Stilettos

    1. I can't wait until everything is settled and our place resembles both of our taste. Thanks for stopping by!


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