Casual Friday

Sweater: Sheinside // Jeggings: Tinsel, similar here // Bag: BCBG (old), similar here // Shoes: Vans //  Sunglasses: J. Crew Factory // Necklace: Jewelmint and Dress & Dwell, also love this and this // Bracelets: Jewelmint, J. Crew Factory, and Lily and Laura, also similar here and here

I had such a busy week! TGIF, seriously! All I want to do is just kick back and relax. So I decided to be very casual and dress comfortable. My go to comfy, casual look usually involves leggings, sneakers, and sweater. So today, I wore just that. However, I decided to 'dress it up' a bit, by wearing jeggings instead of leggings. Jeggings are the best development ever. They fit and are just as comfortable as leggings, but looks like jeans. Incredible! Also, on my lazy days you will see me sporting a larger bag. In my opinion, they're less maintenance. You can just throw anything in there and not care. Usually with my other bags, I have to think about what I want to carry, etc to make sure it all fits and doesn't overflow. Too much work.  Also, can I just say that I scored this bag a few years ago at the BCBG outlet.  It was originally $300ish, then marked down to $150 (on the tag), then they had a promotional discount going on. Somehow it ended up being $30. Feels like they handed it to me. I didn't even know it was priced that low until I paid at the register. The sales associate mentioned some prices on the tag are actually lower. I always love sharing how I got this bag :)

Hope you all have a great weekend!

xo RD


What happened to the pink?

Jeans: Seven7 (old), similar here // Jacket: French Connection (old), similar here // Shoes: Zara (old), similar here // Necklace: Jewelmint, also love this // Clutch: Old Navy // Bracelets: J. Crew Factory (no longer available online), similar here, Lily and Laura, and Jewelmint - also love this // Rings: J. Crew (old), similar here, Madewell (no longer available online), similar here

With the cold weather coming back and February coming to its closure, I am craving spring so badly. I am craving pastels and pink everywhere. Unfortunately, I don't have much pastels. Somehow, all my pink items have disappeared. I'm very disappointed. I used to own so much pink! So these jeans are the only thing I own that is pastel and one of the few pinks I own. Looks like I have an excuse to go shopping to cure my seasonal depression :).

xo RD


Old Wardrobe

 When I moved out of my parents' house a few years ago, I purposely left majority of my wardrobe there so that I never had to pack clothes when I go visit them. Well, that theory is a joke. Every time I visit, I pack as if I'm moving back. I have a bad case of overpacking. I always want to make sure I have everything I need for any occasion, scenario, or weather. So this weekend, I decided to head out to the burbs to see my parents. When I did, I went through all my clothes. To my surprise, I have quite a few items that I would love to wear now (unfortunately, they would have to wait until summer). I decided to play dress up. So this is an outfit I came up with that I can wear in this season. I can't decide if it is a yay or a nay. I'm leaning towards nay.. what do you think?

Coat: Express (old), similar here // Tee: Hanes, similar here // Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch (old), similar here // Shoes:  Nine West (old), similar here // Necklace: Jewelmint, also love this  // Rings: H&M, also love this // Sunglasses: Marc New York, similar here

 By the way, my mom took these pictures. She had no idea how to use DSLR camera. She couldn't figure out how to focus. So this was definitely a long photoshoot. These were the ones that turned out (last one was probably me yelling at my mom, ha!).

xo RD


Winter White

Scarf: Banana Republic (old), similar here and here // Blazer: Loft (old), similar here //  Turtleneck: Express (old), similar here // Necklace: Dress and Dwell, also love this // Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs (old), similar here // Bracelet: J. Crew Factory (not available online), similar here, Lily and Laura // Ring: J. Crew (old), similar here // Jeans: Velvet Heart, also similar here // Boots: Bucco bought via Hautelook (no longer available), here in black and grey  // 

Contrary to my last post, I decided to wear all white. The funny thing is, I had a different all white outfit in mind. However, the moment I stepped outside, I changed into something warmer. I originally had a chiffon cream top on. As soon as I felt that wind, I knew that top would not protect me. So I immediately thought about layering. Luckily, I found that all lace blazer I bought a while back from the Loft to complete my all white look. Isn't it great when you find a piece of clothing you completely forgot you had, and you just happen to stumble upon when you need it? It is a rare moment, so it definitely makes my day when I do. Usually when I need something, it is never there. 

My favorite part of this outfit is the boots. I love the gold toe look. It adds a nice edge to the boots. I'm definitely going to find more shoes that are gold-toed :)

xo RD


Blacked Out

Hat: Target (no longer available), similar here //  Sweater: Sheinside // Tee: Forever 21 (not available online), similar here // Jeans: J Brand // Boots: Rebels (old), similar here // Bag: bought at a thrift store, similar here // Rings: H&M //Bracelet: gift from my bf, similar here // 

I love to wear black. Something about wearing black makes it classy and chic. It can easily look dressed up or dressed down. Plus, black is the most versatile color. It looks good on everybody!
These J Brand jeans are one of my favorite jeans. It is comfortable, has the 'leather'-like look (I have an obsession with anything leather or faux leather), and it was randomly on clearance. By clearance, I mean I got it for $39. Win! Thank you TJ Maxx, seriously. I found the same pair of jeans at other department and online stores, and they were all regular priced at just under $200. Do you guys like wearing black? Have any of you randomly purchased a 'luxury' brand on sale, and later it was back to regular price?

xo RD


What I'm Loving Now

There are definitely some trends I am loving right now from NYFW. My favorites are midi skirts, crop tops, floral, pastels, and gold. I seriously can't wait for spring to start so I can wear these trends.  My obsessions with online shopping has caused me to create an outfit with things I'm loving now. So here is the outfit I came up with. I hope you all enjoy it!

What I'm Loving Now

1. Karen Walker The Harvest Sunglasses // 2. Deepa Gurnani Embellished Statement Necklace // 3. Sarah Chloe Love Ring // 4. Gorjana Lena Ring // 5. Essie nail color, good as gold // 6. Valentino 'Rockstud' Pump // 7. Vita Fede Mini Titan Crystal Bracelet // 8. Club Monaco EB Statement Cuff 9. Michael Kors Astor Buckle Bangle // 10. Ted Baker London Leather Clutch // 11. High Neck Stripe Crop Top // 12. Bubble Jacquard Midi Skirt

xo RD

Take me back

Just last week at this hour, I was on a plane heading to Sarasota. Now, I'm shivering as I type. I can't help but complain about this winter. My body does not handle the cold very well. Ask anyone who knows me well. They know I start shivering the moment the temperature drops below 70 degrees.

As soon as we landed in Sarasota last Thursday, I was sweating! Can you believe that? I was sweating because I was hot while Chicago was 1 degrees (and that's without the wind chill). I would do anything to feel  that warm again. I want to be able to wear shorts, skirts, dresses, and tank tops. So in memory of the warm weather (and that I was wearing shorts!), here is the last Sarasota outfit post.

Tee: Old Navy // Shorts: J.Crew Factory // Sunglasses: J.Crew Factory // Sandals : Tommy Hilfiger (sold), similar here //  Bag: H&M // Bracelets: H&M (old), similar here, Vintage Bazaar (similar here), Lily and Laura  // Necklace: Jewelmint, Dress and Dwell

Hope you all are excited about Valentine's Day tomorrow!!

xo RD

Back to the cold

I'm back from Sarasota, and all I can say is COLD! Sarasota was such a wonderful getaway. The weather was perfect.. mid 70's. It was a nice break from this harsh winter. I did not miss Chicago one bit! It was definitely relaxing. I did not do any work at all. Tre and I's daily routine was to sleep in, go to the gym, relax by the pool, and eat all the goodies grandma has made us. It was great and talking about Sarasota makes me want to go back right now :(.

Necklace: Jewelmint // Shirt: Madewell  // Bag: H&M // Belt: J. Crew (no longer available), similar here // Jeans: Tinsel (old), similar here // Sandals: Shoemint // Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs (old), similar here // Bracelets: J. Crew (old), similar here and here, Lily and Laura , Vintage Bazaar // Sunglasses: O by Oscar de la Renta, similar here

Another thing I want to highlight is the bracelet I wore by Lily and Laura. Their bracelets are handmade by the women of Nepal. Hence, every bracelet is unique. Lily and Laura's business is to focus on fair trade so that the people of Nepal can break free from poverty. So not only do these bracelets look great, but it is also supporting a great organization. I was fortunate to come across a store in Sarasota that carried these bracelets. After reading the purpose of these bracelets, there was no hesitation with my purchase :)

xo RD

Off to Sarasota

I am heading to Sarasota today. I'm so excited! I can't wait to get out of this cold weather and snow and to finally feel the heat of the sun. Ahh heaven! I am currently packing, and I can never seem to find the right clothes to bring. I'm probably overpacking, but I got to be prepared for anything...right? I don't even know what to wear to the airport. Below is what I think is the perfect travel outfit. What do you guys wear when you travel?

Travel Outfit

1. Dorothy Perkins Gem Embellished Sweater // 2. Dorothy Perkins Black Leather Looking Leggings // 3. Nixon 'Time Teller' Watch // 4. Topshop 'Evian' Satchel // 5. Keds 'Teacup' Slipon // 6. Tumi 'Voyageur - Super Leger' Carry-On // 7. SHOO, Jimmy Choo by Cary Hill // 8. Lies Chelsea Handler Told Me by Chelsea Handler

Unfortunately, I will not have internet access (except for my phone). Therefore, I will keep you all posted when I get back. In the meantime, feel free to follow me through Instagram. I am sure that I will post quite a few pictures. Instagram is by far my favorite social media site.

xo RD

My Thursday

Blouse: J.Crew Factory (old), similar here // Jeans: Loft // Shoes: Zara (old), similar here // Bangle: Madewell (old), similar here // Necklace: Jewelmint (sold out), love this also// Bag: Lauren Ralph Lauren (old), similar here

This outfit was based on the necklace. I tried to choose pieces that are similar to the color of the necklace. Hence, the green bag to go with the green stone,  pink heels for the pink stone, and the purple blouse so that the crystal gems standout. The color of this necklace makes me happy. It makes me think spring is almost here... or that today is my 'Thursday'. I know it is Tuesday, but I will have a short work week. Yay! I will be in the office until tomorrow so that I can head to Sarasota Thursday morning. Yay, yay! I can't wait to feel warm weather again. It has been so long. I hope to bring the warm weather back to Chicago. Girl can dream, right? I mean a couple years ago we had 80 degree weather in March - so it can happen...

With that said, I will not have internet access while I'm on vacation. Don't worry, as soon as I get back I will be sure to post my outfits :).  You can also follow me on Instagram. I pretty much document my life through Instagram. 

Sale Alert!

Starting 2/4, Take 35% off your purchase at Gap. Use code FLASH. Ends today, 2/4 Restrictions apply. 

xo RD

Moto Jacket

Jacket: Jou Jou, similar here // Plaid Shirt: Target// Jeans: Madewell, on sale now! //
Shoes: Zara (old), similar here  // Stacked rings: Etsy-littlethingsplanet // Mustache ring: Akira (old), similar here //  Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs (old), similar here // Chain Bracelet: bought from a vendor at Vintage Bazaar //
Bangle: Madewell (old), similar here // Necklace: Loft (old), similar here

Love this faux leather moto jacket. I had a hard time looking for one that fits me well and fits the budget. So I was definitely excited when I found this one. Plus it feels really nice. So smooth and soft. I am also obsessed with my stacked knuckle rings. I found this gem at Etsy from a shop called littlethingsplanet. She has the cutest stacked rings and bracelets. This was my first purchase and it is definitely not the last. I'm so glad Etsy exists. I can shop on that site forever!

I hope you all enjoy the Superbowl! Go Broncos!

xo RD

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