Minted Holiday Cards + Giveaway

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Tis the season! I can't believe it is almost midway November. Didn't October just get started?!? Haha! But seriously, now that it is November, my husband and I can't stop thinking about the holidays. Some claim it's too early, but they do sneak up on you.

My husband and I like to send out our Christmas card around the first week of December. So we made arrangements on getting our holiday shoot done. This will hopefully give us enough time to pick out the design of our card and mail it out.

One of my favorite places for holiday/Christmas cards is Minted. Remember our card last year? Minted nailed it!  There are so many reasons why I love Minted cards. The most obvious is that they carry the cutest and most unique cards. All of their cards are sourced from a global community of talented and indie designers.  To add on to their uniqueness, there are a variety of cards that are suited to everyone's point in life. For instance, last year, Tre and I were newlyweds, and they had a great assortment of holiday cards for newlyweds. If that's not you this year, they have them for newborns, pets, new house, kids, or just want to give out a holiday cheer. All of their cards are made with the highest quality.  They are thick and luxurious paper and some with a gold-pressed foil. Trust me people, it makes such a difference and your card will for sure be a memorable one to others.

Picking the right card can be overwhelming and confusing. I know with me, it is hard for me to imagine if a certain card works with our photos if the sample shows a photo of another family. Minted has made it easier if you use their 'Find It Fast Options'. All you have to do is go to the 'Find It Fast' link, upload your photo(s), and watch your photo(s) appear simultaneously in hundreds of designs. That way you can find the best card that fits the style that meets your needs.

Once your card has been selected, there are so many options to customize it even more. Certain cards give you the option to switch some of the colors, change the shape/layout, slip in liner, and personalized stamps (this one is my favorite!).  I'm all about personal touches, so I like adding a fun liner to my envelope to accent my card, and everyone loves the customized stamps!

Aside from aesthetics, Minted wants your card buying purchase to be as easy as possible. My husband and I really like the Address Assistant. If you have an excel spreadsheet of all your family & friends' names & addresses, all you have to do is upload it in excel. From there, Minted will add the recipient's address onto the envelope. That way you don't have to go through the hassle of writing out each name and address on the envelope. This saves us A LOT of time because we have a large family haha. Oh and guess what?! The font and style of the addressing is also customizable.  All you have to do when you get the cards in the mail is stuff them in the envelope, stick on the stamp, and send it to the post office. SO EASY!

Let's say there is an amazing promo at Minted right now (currently 20% foil-pressed card), but you don't have the time to personalize it. Well you can still take advantage of the promo by selecting their Buy Now. Personalize Later option. That way you are guaranteed a great deal and you can personalize the card whenever you have time. The card will not ship until you have completed the personalization.

Ok, I know I have talked your ears off about Minted. So why not treat you guys to $125 credit towards Minted. I know the holidays can be costly, and hopefully this will help you out!  All you have to do is enter here and next week 2 winners will be selected to win $125 each towards their Minted purchase. This giveaway will end next week at 11:59 PM PDT 11/16/2016. This offer is for U.S. residents only.

Also, stay tuned because next month we will reveal our holiday card! I can't wait. Guys, this will be the first time you will see me without my wig on the blog! Cheers!

xo RD



  1. All cards are so sweet! It´s so hard to decide which one is better. :)



  2. Awww I LOVE this! They literally have the best cards ever! Such a great giveaway!

  3. Such a cute post!! Obsessed with 1, 2, & 6!! xo

  4. Personalised Christmas cards - what a great idea!

    Funmi xx

  5. Such a creative and lovely cards, love them


  6. We just ordered our holiday cards too. I like to get them out early as well, and especially so this year with baby on the way. Websites like Minted do make it easy with all the great designs!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  7. LOVE Minted! They have the best cards and beautiful artwork!

  8. Aww! I love Minted too! They have such a great selection of cards and I cannot wait to see your card! With out without wig: YOU are BEAUTIFUL!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  9. Minted has some excellent options. I've browsed there site quite a lot. The holiday cards are new to me though so I'll have to check that out.


    Violet Roots || Instagram

  10. Minted is the best!


  11. I love Minted cards! Their designs are always so pretty!


  12. Minted Christmas cards are my favorite! Always so cute. I really love #8!

    xo, mikéla / simplydavelyn.com

  13. Super cute! I'm super behind on my holiday planning. Minted sounds awesome!
    Julia // Little Miss Haute Couture

  14. Sounds awesome, lovely designs!


  15. Such a pretty idea Rach! I should really prepare myself for the Christmas cards and presents :) I will enter your giveaway right away :)
    xo, Carmen - http://www.carmitive.com

  16. Perfect for Xmas!


  17. Christmas season is one of my fav moments of the year. I like that you can personalize the cards. Thansk for sharing Rach :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  18. Minted has some great design options! Can't wait to see your reveal!

    By Lauren M

  19. Perfect! I love and i follow your blog, please follow me too

  20. we love your blog, check out our blog


  21. Holiday Cards are my fave-and the foil gold especially designed are so pretty
    thanks for sharing!

  22. cant wait to see your card :) xx


  23. Yikes, it's almost time to send out Christmas cards?! haha I'm so behind!

  24. These card options are all so gorgeous! I love Minted!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  25. Last year's holiday cards were from Minted. They did a fab job!

  26. This is such a generous giveaway. Thanks for sharing.

  27. I absolutely love minted, I ordered a few free samples from them and they are my #1 choice for everything!

    My Vogue Style | www.myvoguestyle.com

  28. I like #4 it's cute. Thanks for the giveaway.

  29. so many cute cards I love them all


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