Snapchat Sunday

Oversized Shirt // Plaid Scarf (under $25) // Ankle Skinny Jeans ($58)  // Over the Knee Boots (under $145)
Sweater  (under $30) // Oversized scarf ($38)  // Jeggings ($79)  // Over the Knee Boots ($118)
Pinstripe blouse // Infinity Scarf // Ankle Skinny Jeans ($58)  // Kitty Heels (under $40)
Poncho // Turtleneck  (only $14.50) // Ankle Skinny Jeans ($58)// Over the Knee Boots ($118)

Oh my I can't believe it has been almost a month since my last Snapchat OOTD! Where did time go?! So sorry it took me so long to have these up. I have been so busy that I had to put a little less focus on the blog aka prioritize which post to work on and go live. Unfortunately these series was on to the bottom of the list. Also, I have been forgetting to snap my OOTD. I've been getting up so early (4:30 a.m.) to get to work and by the time I arrive at the office, I'm too focused on getting my work done that I forget to take a selfie. I honestly don't know how I was able to put in this much hours (or more) before I was diagnosed with cancer at work in the past. Now, a regular work day completely exhausts me and lately I've been putting on 12 hours a day. It just sucks and sometimes I wonder if it is worth it. Do any of you guys put in a lot of works at work? If so, what kind of work do you do? I'm so curious! I'm in an Information Technology industry.

Moreover, I definitely want to bring this series back! So stay tuned because you will see this series every other Sunday again. If you missed previous post on this series, check out the first and second series.  I just looked back on them, and I love seeing my hair growth! It's definitely a lot longer than the last pic. Yay!

In case you didn't know, I have started my Holiday Gift Guides, which I will continue until Christmas. So far I have the Holiday Gift Guide for the Hostess and Holiday Gift Guide under $50. Most of which are part of the Cyber Weekend deals!

Also, did you know that there are 2 giveaways going on?! You can win a Christian Louboutin heels or $1000 Nordstrom gift card!

Happy Sunday!

xo RD



  1. What a cute post idea!! Love your everyday style!! xo

  2. Looks great!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  3. I love that poncho outfit and striped blouse!
    Julia // Little Miss Haute Couture

  4. I love the looks!
    Dora www.BangsBang.com

  5. All of these are so cute! Love the different scarves =o)


  6. I noticed your hair has gotten a LOT longer and more full since your last round up of OOTD's!

    And wow, 12 hours a day? Do you have a long commute, too? I used to clock in about 12 hours a day, between work and commuting, but now that I've been working from home (again), it's been different. I work at more sporadic times, and kind of work at least a little every day, but for now, it's working for me. It's so hard to strike a balance, no matter what you do...but ultimately, you need to do what makes you happy, right?

    Something About That

    1. I don't have a long commute, it's just unfortunate I have so much to do at work. It is definitely hard to find a balance and I am continuously working on finding that!

  7. Such a fun series. Love all the looks.


  8. Such a cool idea to do a Snapchat outfit of the day. I might take this idea and use it for Instagram Stories.


  9. Hey beautiful! I love all the scarves in your OOTDs.

  10. I love all the looks! They are so well put together! Also, your phone case is so cute!!

    Deepti | www.mademoisellemeetsmaquillageandmacaroons.com

  11. I just purchased my first poncho over the weekend and I am so excited to wear it this Friday. I figured casual Friday with jeans and boots would be a great "first time" wear for me. Plus, we are having a date night and I feel like that look can be perfect for work and date night. (:


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